Delong Black Coffee 2in1 Gold Blend


Black coffee with organic sungyod rice 100% Freeze dried Arabica

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        Freeze dried Arabica coffee mixed with organic rice Sungyod by bringing Arabica coffee through the Freeze dried process which gives both the taste and concentration of the coffee Including aromatic Arabica coffee
       Mixed with Sungyod rice, selected from Phatthalung which is the best source of Sungyod rice in the world, passed the GI certification by the group that produces rice that is safe and of the highest quality to consumers
      Derived through a roasting method called Derong Gold Roast. It is the level that gives the best aroma of rice for the aroma of Arabica coffee. When grinding at the Micro Ground level, fine powder will dissolve well.
      We invite you to experience the special recipe coffee with the aroma and experience of Sungyod Rice and enjoy the gratitude of the Phatthalung farmers who help you bring the rice of pride and value to precious gold.


Coffee powder (Arabica) 75%
Sungyod Rice, Mueang Phatthalung 25%

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